What’s voting got to do with it?

Not everyone who is an active, engaged citizen votes and it’s also true that voting on its own does not mean a person is truly engaged. However, there is a link between voting behaviour, involvement in the community and feeling a connection and sense of belonging.

Voting is one of the easiest ways to have your say about how your province is governed. The higher the number of voters, the more powerful the message to governments and politicians. So numbers count and individual votes count. Democracy is strongest when everyone is involved.


  • Provincial Election
    April 19, 2016
  • sticker
    Make sure your aspiring voter gets an Official Future Voter sticker this election. Bring your child with you when you vote!
    Veillez à ce que votre futur électeur reçoive son autocollant officiel « Futur électeur » lors des élections. Faites-vous accompagner par votre enfant lorsque vous allez voter!