Challenge #2

Date Issued: October 7 • Early Bird Deadline: October 14 •
Final Deadline: October 21

Stand Up!

Canada has rights and freedoms other countries are striving to achieve. What are they and what impact do they have?

Watch the video for the full challenge:

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Points For This Challenge

5 points

Describe how Canadians established the right that you've chosen to examine.

5 points

Discuss what efforts the country you’ve chosen to examine is making to establish this right.

10 points

Interview someone who immigrated to Canada from the country you’ve chosen to examine and incorporate his/her thoughts into your response.

Resources For Getting Started

Review the Government of Canada’s Guide to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Explore this 2015 report from Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to expansion of freedom around the world. It publishes reports on worldwide political rights and civil liberties and it’s searchable by country.

Visit The United Nations Global issues: Democracy web page as well as its Video catalogue, which features countries that face challenges with respect to democracy, rights and freedoms.

Remember -

The following points are up for grabs for every challenge:

10 points

Use artwork, poetry or original music in your video

10 points

Submit your video by the Early Bird Deadline

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