Challenge #3

Date Issued: October 21 • Early Bird Deadline: October 28 •
Final Deadline: November 04

Vote… Or Else?

Is mandatory voting the recommended way to increase participation?
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Points For This Challenge

5 points

Examine at least one country that has compulsory voting in your response

5 points

Stage a debate in your classroom representing both sides of the issue and use a clip of it in your video.

10 points

Do a poll or survey of your local community to see the level of support for mandatory voting.

Resources For Getting Started

Visit the International IDEA institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance for an overview of compulsory voting and a list of countries that practice it.

Read this article in the Literary Review of Canada titled, “Forcing ourselves to Vote.”

Listen to this debate on CBC radio between political columnist Andrew Coyne and political scientist Don Lenihan.

Remember -

The following points are up for grabs for every challenge:

10 points

Use artwork, poetry or original music in your video


10 points

Submit your video by the Early Bird Deadline


  • Provincial Election
    April 19, 2016
  • sticker
    Make sure your aspiring voter gets an Official Future Voter sticker this election. Bring your child with you when you vote!
    Veillez à ce que votre futur électeur reçoive son autocollant officiel « Futur électeur » lors des élections. Faites-vous accompagner par votre enfant lorsque vous allez voter!