Challenge #1

Date Issued: September 23 • Early Bird Deadline: September 30 •
Final Deadline: October 14

Who’s Reppin Me?

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote in Manitoba, but do we have equal representation today? How could it improve?

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Points For This Challenge

5 points

Give an updated spin on one of Nellie McClung’s tactics to gain suffrage to address the representation issue you’ve chosen.

5 points

Use an international example to make your case. Find a country that has tackled the representation issue you’re examining and discuss if it’s been successful. (5 points)

10 points

Take your research into the field. Possibilities include visiting the Canadian Journeys gallery at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, which explores development of democratic rights in our country. Alternatively, you could interview an authority (in person, by phone or email) on the issue of voting rights or representation that you’ve chosen to explore. This could be a community activist, museum historian, university researcher or someone else you discover. Make sure to reference this field work in your video in some way.

Resources For Getting Started

Watch Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute video on Nellie McClung and background information on her quest to achieve women’s suffrage.

Read this Manitoba Museum blog post by curator of history Ronald Sawatsky on upcoming exhibit, “Nice Women Don’t Want the Vote.”

Listen to The 180’s Democracy Hacks Special on CBC Radio hosted by Jim Brown.

Review this Commentary from Éric Grenier in the Globe and Mail, “Natives are under-represented in Parliament—and for women and youth, it’s even worse.”

Remember -

The following points are up for grabs for every challenge:

10 points

Use artwork, poetry or original music in your video

10 points

Submit your video by the Early Bird Deadline

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